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NYE 2016 has been booked!

After lots of discussion and deliberations, NYE 2016 has been decided: China (and outlying regions)! Headed to Hong Kong for 5 days, then Bejing for a...


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Dynamic Charts

After adding some dynamic charting elements to a WinForms application for work, I decided to take the travel data I was entering and put it to use. To start, I created three simple charts showing the number of days spent during my travels, grouped by country, continent, and trip.

Chart: Days Traveled per Country

The bonus is that the charts are generated dynamically, thus whenever I add a trip or country, they will automatically be updated without any additional requirements from me. Next, I will incorporate geographic data and plot that information into a map.  My plan is to turn my stats page into a living infographic about my travels.




Video Editing

I have begun dabbling in Adobe's Premiere Pro and After Effects. I wanted a "Production House" logo to appear before my videos (mainly "just because") so I decided to use my Ducks Head logo along with a "digitized" entrance and some background sounds reminiscent of the Matrix. The very odd "QUACK!" is me. I thought I would replace it with a real duck quack, but it's actually pretty funny so I left it in.

The intro can be see in the first few seconds of this clip:



Search Provider

A "search provider" allows website owners to add their own site to the nifty little search box that appears in the top right corner of Firefox. That way, visitors can search your for the product or other information right from their browser without even having to visit the page first. Just select the icon from the drop down, enter your search term, and you're taken directly to the site's search results.

Want to add the search provider to your own browser?
Click the button -->

This works well in Firefox, but Internet Explorer is a bit wonkey, depending on the version.



Photo Editing

I was tasked with taking some old catalog scans and posting them to my company's website. One of the book's covers had a rather large chuck missing so I imported the cover into Photoshop and 'Shopped the chunks back in. If you zoom in 100% you can see the changes, but at a "normal" zoom level, I can't tell it was edited (and neither could anybody I asked)

Original PhotoFixed Image



Document Layout

I wanted to learn Adobe InDesign, so my first project was to design a cocktail menu for my home bar (called Ducks Head). The idea is you fold it in half (so the printing is on the outside) and place it in a half-page sized menu holder so you flip it over to see each half. I have a bit of a soft spot for my whisk(e)y collection - I do love me a good single-malt!

Ducks Head Cocktail Menu